Double Crossed Cover
Double Crossed : Play the Hand You’re Dealt (2020)
Born into a world with everything against them...

Stenson Beckett and Justin “JC” Carter grew up in small Southern towns nobody ever heard of and everyone wanted to escape. For JC, it was the prison of a wicked orphanage after his mother abandoned him at birth. Stenson fled when he witnessed a violent crime killing the person who truly loved him.

They were eight years old when they ran away with only a will to survive despite the terrible hands life dealt them. Along the way they met people who would become their friends for life. 

That alone should be enough for this tale, but it was only the beginning of the madness when JC and Stenson crossed paths. JC and his crew made the grave mistake of ripping off the wrong people when they stole from Stenson and his friends.

This will be payback where there will only be one winner as they battle wits to win their dignity, pride, and respect back!

Book Cover of Double Crossed : Vengeance by Tony Gray
Double Crossed : Vengeance (2023)
For love and friendship, this will be Vengeance!

The former enemies became the tightest of friends after they understood they all came from similar dysfunctional backgrounds.