Two Worlds Collide

These two men could not be more different. One is a bullied black kid in a predominantly white town. The other is a redneck who grew up in a racist Southern city. They both have issues not of their making.

Despite being from opposite sides of the track, they find themselves crossing paths as leaders of separate gangs. When they aren?t scamming the ?Big Easy?, they are scamming each other.

Normal gangs would simply kill their enemies. But these aren?t normal gangs. Their closest advisers, Zabrina and Luna are not normal either. These ladies are the brains behind the operations. Both women are clever and conniving. And they cannot stand each other.

When the ?heavy? is required, J.C. and Stenson bring in their muscle. Big Tony is J.C.?s gentle giant who can kill you with a smile and Stenson?s heat is ?Brick?, a raving lunatic.

It has not been easy for them and most would have given up a long time ago. But these crews look forward to paying back those who ever dared to double cross.