Some may call them misfits. But there is no denying the friendship among these unlikely people who thrust together through fate of just plain dumb luck.

Stenson Beckett

It amazes people how laid back Stenson is after all he went through as a kid. Maybe that is why he is so kind. The once scrawny little boy grew up to be a kind-hearted man.

Snapshot of JC

Justin "JC" Carter

Abandoned at birth and grew up in the streets as a runaway from a wicked orphanage, Justin “JC” Carter has had to find is way in life.

Robert "Brick" Brickhouse

Like a bull in a china shop, Brick is rough around the edges. The biker and former U.S. Marine is Stenson’s best friend.

Anthony "Big Tony" Gallo

A lovable big man who keeps JC out of trouble. Do not mistake his charming friendliness for weakness. Big Tony can break heads when he needs to.

Luna LeRoux

Super intelligent with a witty sense of humor. Luna LeRoux works as a IT Security Analyst which comes in handy when tracking people down. She has known Stenson Beckett since they were kids and is not only his girlfriend but his best friend and confident.

Zabrina Chao

Smuggled into the U.S. from North Korea, the Chinese gang forced her into a life of prostitution. It was JC and Big Tony who got her out of the world she did not deserve and they remain her best friends.

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