Editing a Novel

Probably one of the most complicated parts of writing a novel is the edit process. You poured your heart out and written what you believe is a great book. I will warn you it is only the beginning.

My novel, Double Crossed, took five revisions, 15,000 tossed out words, five beta readers and a professional editor to give you the book you can read today.


You owe to yourself and anyone who reads your masterpiece to go through that laborious process. Personally, it’s my least favorite part. But I could not do anything less than that to bring readers this book.

Editing requires a study of every word, paragraph, punctuation, phrase and dialog. There is rhythm and structure you have to pay attention to. It is a difficult process, but necessary and satisfying journey you need to cross the finish line.

I wish you well and great success in your adventure.


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